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Through the Eye of GOD

We have arrived at a point in time where a global social fabric has evolved that makes it possible for one person to rule us all. The past has seen many seeds of world domination planted but none have fully matured.

An intelligent and powerful man, Enoli Veeht, understands this evolutionary process and develops a scheme that will allow him to rule the world. To realize his ambition, Enoli invites a select group of the world's most powerful leaders to a conference under the guise of establishing a foundation for future understanding and cooperation between all nations. In a charismatic, emotional, and patriotic opening speech, Enoli boldly invites all 36 attendees to share with him the limitless wealth and ultimate power of world domination - for the good of all people. Only one catch, once you join the syndicate you are a member for life. Enoli gives the world leaders the evening to discuss this proposal.  They can choose to leave now without recourse or return the following morning and begin making plans to control the world. All but one person accepts the invitation. Now it is up to Pete Flones, Deputy Director of U.S. Homeland Security, to find a way to crush the syndicate. From that moment, Pete will never know for sure who he can trust.

Enoli's theory that power is greatest when focused in the hands of the few is counterintuitive. However, world history clearly shows the possibility that the few can be greater than the many. In action, this truth is realized. In action, the power is made real. Enoli is the lens that focuses the rays of power into a searing heat that seems unquenchable. Can one person save the world from this evil plot?

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