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Comments & Reviews

What People are Saying about A Passion for the Edge: Living Your Dreams Now

Will Make You Want to Ride
After about two chapters into this book I began to plan a long distance motorcycle trip. The author does a great job of setting the scenes both visual and mental that one experiences when riding long distances alone. Building up to actually taking the trip is also quite interesting as well. A must read if you're a long distance motorcycle traveler as well someone who likes to take more away from the trip than the highways that you've passed by.


"Someday..., After I..., I'm going to... All are common words to make excuses for why one isn't doing what they want to do now. "A Passion for the Edge: Living Your Dreams Now" is a different sort of self-help book, telling readers that the best way to live their lives is to jump right into doing what they want to do. Everyone has different hopes and dreams, and there is no universal method that will get readers to their goals outside their own path to it. "A Passion for the Edge" tells of Tyler's story on the edge and how his story can help many readers."

Midwest Book Review

Motivating, unique and passionate!!!
This book changed my thinking. What a refreshing approach to illustrating unique principles of success by combining an eloquent tale of a journey through the wilderness and the mind. Attaining success in the areas of my life I have struggled with now seems possible and even easier than I had originally imagined. I am ready to dust the cobwebs off my unaccomplished "dream list" and start applying the principles in this book!


Limitless Adventure!
I don't know anything about riding a motorcycle, but I felt like I was on the back of one while reading this book. It's full of surprises, twists and turns, encounters with wildlife, and so much more. The detailed despcriptive writing makes you feel like you are actually inside the writer's life and experience. This book relates the lessons learned on a cross-state/country ride to how to grab hold of your dreams now instead of seeing them
as a figment of the future. Fun read and I highly recommend it to anyone; motorcycle enthusiast or not.


Ready for the Edge
I found this book to be more than a plan for living your dreams, but a beautifully written narrative on how the author chose to live his own dream. In an unassuming manner, the author tells his tale, while laying out his philosophy for achieving your dreams. Through his story, I found myself inspired to pursue my dreams, and to reevaluate what I have not yet accomplished because of the obstacles and fears I have put in my way. I now view those things as opportunities, not failures, but experiences to learn from and grow with as I live my dream. My fire has been rekindled, and I'm ready move to the edge. Thanks.



Memoir offers roadmap for reaching goals, living dreams now

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, September 2008 – Tim Tyler doesn't have time to make 'to-do' lists detailing far-off hopes and dreams. He's too busy making them a reality.

In a new book titled A Passion for the Edge: Living Your Dreams Now, Tyler uses his own life experience to spur readers to start living their dream lives today. Framed by Tyler's exhilarating motorcycle trip through the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness—one of his lifelong dreams—the book reveals the fundamental principles that make it possible for average people to do extraordinary things.

Frustrated by the ineffectiveness of most 'how to succeed' books, Tyler decided to be the master of his own destiny. Bucking conventional societal mores that favor putting off your dreams until after retirement, Tyler advocates living your dreams daily—with purpose and conviction.

He offers readers solid advice on how to take stock of their own skills, talents and knowledge, and use that information to craft a customized success plan. His three powerful learning steps will help the reader move from abstract theories to concrete, real action steps.

The memoir combines Tyler's adventurous story with 100+ color photographs and quotes from the likes of Helen Keller, Walt Disney, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain and more. The result is a passionate account that manages to both inspire and teach.

Jenkins Group Media Release

Business, Biking, and Life - Sweet!
What a cool book! Just the idea of riding a motorcycle through the wilderness of Alaska - alone! - is crazy enough to make this an interesting read. But Tyler uses his dry sense of humor, sharp insights about life, and his own success in business to make you, as reader, believe you could do it, too.

The best kind of book - intimate and personal, but universal in its message. I think readers will learn more about their own philosophy of life through this book, and hopefully be empowered to take on their own challenges. (Okay, I hope I am. I certainly feel empowered after reading it!)


Just Do It
What I like about this book is that it stresses the importance of taking action toward fulfilling your dreams and not just thinking about them or, worse, thinking about thinking about them. Too much of Western thought, philosophy and psychology, overemphasizes concepts to the point of locking one into an endless cycle of thoughts about thoughts about thoughts. Even when the author discusses thinking it is with an emphasis on passion and commitment, the motive forces that translate thinking into action. Through the examples taken from his own life and, in particular, from his motorcycle trip, he brings his principles down to earth, showing the reader the path to starting toward the fulfillment of his dreams and of continuing the journey toward realizing his dreams, "staying in action." That is, Mr. Tyler does not merely talk about motivational principles: he shows how to apply them in action in one's own life, to live one's own dreams.


Inspiring, poetic and accessible!
Unlike so many 'self-help' books, A Passion for the Edge truly does make the impossible seem possible. We all have dreams in the back of our minds, and the beautifully descriptive writing in Tyler's book made me feel like NOW really is the best time to begin the first steps towards achieving those seemingly crazy goals. The content is not only what's so fantastic about this read; I also need to mention how well it is written. The descriptions of each story, each dialogue from Tyler's past - all so detailed and like poetry, creates a complete picture in the reader's mind, which further helps to motivate. If the reader can see and hear and taste what the author is writing about, then the book has done its job.

Using his motorcycle trip as a metaphor, Tyler is able to instill courage and excitement in the reader by explaining some of his first rides: "The air spoke to me with a meditative ohmmmmmmmme sound, inviting life to pour through my soul." (page 63 - I suggest reading that page twice!)

I am now ready for my own journey - with or without a Honda Valkyrie!


Refreshing and Inspiring!
As I read this book I could almost imagine the author telling me the accounts over a campfire. Tyler comes across in an honest unaffected manner. This is a courageous personal journal of a man who has worked hard to keep the adventurous spirit of his youth and has learned the tools to accomplish his life's ambitions. "A Passion for the Edge" reconnected me with the healthy curiosity in the details of the world around me, especially the human ones, as well as opening my eyes to more than just the heights of the mountain peaks and the vast distances between them as traveled by Tyler. Instead of the vast expanse of the open road, we get lost souls without purpose or direction. Through his example I am recharged with the passion to obtain my soul's true goals and fulfillment. I envy Tyler for his courage to expand his life so dramatically. I am now ready to do the same.


Judge 1
The author has a great, original story, and shares it with a passionate clarity any reader of this genre will admire. The writing is terrific…..At times the book reads like a novel. I had no trouble breezing through the …..pages and came away trusting the author implicitly. The work is well organized…..and offers good visuals to offset the text.

Judge 2
Congratulations on writing and publishing your book! Great cover design – the photo, copy, and layout all help create an inviting, professional package. Great photographs inside too …..You've got some really interesting stories in here, and a good blend of personal memoir and self-help tips. I loved all the quotations you included.

Writer's Digest Book Awards Commentaries

The US Review of Books
"Quit moving through your life in automatic. Challenge everything you do.  Like magic, it will produce new opportunities, new perspectives, and you will find significant improvements are possible."

Part memoir, part motivational tome, A Passion for the Edge by Alaskan writer Tim Tyler focuses on his solo three-week motorcycle trip from Alaska to Washington State and back …..

The most engaging parts of this book are descriptions of the remote towns and the people he met, color photographs, quotes about courage from dozens of famous thinkers, and his many correlations between riding a motorcycle a long distance and taking risks in general. The fact that you can only know by doing is as true of riding a motorcycle as it if of living a dream or succeeding in achieving an aspiration.…..

Read his book to learn more about Alaska and the Yukon, particularly, and to learn more about motorcycles on the open and back road. The audience for this book would include motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as those who are ready for, yet scared of, change.


Personal Insights (From a summary and review of the book, A Passion for the Edge: Living Your Dreams Now, prepared by Kelly Logan Massey while a General Business student in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University.)

Tim Tyler has an amazing formula for expressing the fundamentals of success. His book invokes excitement and passion from page to page. By weaving great story telling, adventure, and principles; Tim Tyler successfully excites the the mind and allows the book to take the reader on a journey that educates as it goes.


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