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About the Author

Tim Tyler launched Minuteman missiles while in the U.S. Air Force, conducted research and development for Texaco, managed the development of some of the largest oil fields in North America for BP, headed a worldwide research and technical service organization in England, started two businesses, and traveled around the world. A five time patent holder, Tyler set the ambitious goal of retiring at age 55. Instead, he retired at age 50 - determined to live his dreams while young, and help others do the same. This is his first book.

Approach to writing

  • Create experiential learning
  • Discover the world through nontraditional eyes
  • Print books that inspire and challenge you to improve our world
  • See personal positive growth as a never-ending and unlimited journey
  • Examine ways to understand and break through barriers in our lives
  • Share our proven experiences
  • Unlock your passion for life

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