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Welcome to a new day. A day that will let you step into your dream. A day of adventure. Welcome to a place called "A Passion for the Edge," and a possibility of "Living Your Dreams Now".

"A Passion for the Edge – Living Your Dreams Now" is an exciting adventure story about a motorcycle trip through the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness, which is tethered to a road map for living your dream – any dream.

It's an innovative work that has the power to improve lives and transform the world. The focus is on people committed to challenging themselves in thought and action, people who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding, people not afraid to make their dream a reality. "A Passion for the Edge - Living Your Dreams Now," shows the path to living a dream, and starting your journey today.

In contrast to suggestions by "how to succeed" books, living you dream does not require you to first:
·master the art of communication,
·get to know important people,
·improve you vocabulary,
·change your personality,
·or do any number of other things first.
It just requires that you step into your dream and persist.

Staying focused on a dream is the greatest obstacle most people face."A Passion for the Edge – Living Your Dreams Now" gives you tools to maintain momentum, not waver, and begin living your dream – no waiting necessary.

This book will let you experience both a physical journey with spectacular scenery, historic places, wild animals, and interesting people; and a mental journey that shows how to live your dream despite perceived obstacles such as age, money, or the economy.

Best wishes on your journey,

Tim Tyler


National Best Books 2008 Award Winning Finalist in the category Business: Motivational
       - USA Book News

2009 Axiom Business Book Bronze Medal Winner in the category Success/Motivation

A passion for the edge

A Passion For The Edge
Living Your Dreams Now
Author: Tim Tyler

Did you know ‘how to succeed’ books may be teaching you how to fail? In this book you will discover how to succeed in living your dreams.

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